Step 1 – Getting initial rating with a bang!

Step 1 – Getting initial rating with a bang!

The success chain is a model that highlights the steps that a chess player will go through as they improve. In this chain, the first step is getting an initial fide rating. This step is not to be taken lightly because it determines your entry point for ratings. This will have a considerable effect on the pace at which you will move from one step to another.

The following principles should guide you at this stage:

  1. You need to play at least 5 rated opponents to obtain your initial rating.
  2. Take every game with a rated opponent seriously. Against these every game counts.

Real life story of someone who got 2242 as the initial rating (November 2016)!

Only sweet experiences lie ahead for those who follow the two principles above in their pursuit to getting their initial FIDE rating. One such person is Charles Hapaku from Zambia who got 2242 as his first initial rating in November, 2016. As a result, Charles even got awarded the Candidate Master title for crossing 2200.

Notice that Charles scored 7 out of 9 points in the event.  This can also be you. Remember that, just like CM Hapaku, it is possible to start with a massive initial rating. Take every game seriously and aim to clobber the rated guys – you could be the next Candidate Master.

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